Anti-vaxxers resort to vandalism.

Supporters of the Australian Vaccination Network have vandalised two billboards in Western Australia that promote vaccination.

Two billboards in Fremantle promoting immunisation of children, have been defaced.

The billboards on South Street share stories of local parents who follow an alternative type of lifestyle but also immunise their children.

The campaign was launched three weeks ago by the Immunisation Alliance of WA in response to figures showing that the Fremantle area had one of the lowest rates of vaccination in the country.

Both billboards have been sprayed with red paint spelling out the website of anti-immunisation group, Australian Vaccination Network. ABC News

So we can now list Crimminal Damage to the long list of deplorable tactics used by AVN supporters.

Anti-vax top ten tactics:

  1. False DMCA reports.
  2. False reporting of critics websites to anti-virus vendors.
  3. Threatening Politicians.
  4. Harassing, abusing, vilifying Grieving Families.
  5. Seeking Court orders to silence their critics.
  6. Abusing Facebooks report feature to get critics banned.
  7. Advocating the use of violence against critics.
  8. Calling their critics terrorists. 
  9. Registering other people’s business names to confuse the public.
  10. Criminal Damage. *New*

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