See the student film than anti-vaxxers tried to suppress.

Anti-vaccination scumbags Activists are well known for using thuggery to silence people who speak about medical issues. Known tactics of the anti-vaccination movement include Harassment, Vilification, Death Threats, False DMCA takedown, Vexatious Lawsuits, Harassing their critics employers and/or clients and Denial of Service Attacks against their critics websites. Having been on the receiving end of these tactics myself nothing the Anti-vaxxers do comes as a surprise, but it's still worth highlighting these abuses when they happen.

So when a group of highschool students in California decided to make a documentary on immunisation they inevitably found themselves on the receiving of a hate fuelled campaign by Anti-vaxxers.

They read studies. They talked to medical experts who praised vaccines. And they interviewed parents who distrusted vaccines, as well as a local osteopath who treats autistic children.

Some of the students initially believed vaccines and autism were linked, they said, but changed their minds as they researched.


A blogger who saw the article contended that the movie, still a work in progress, was sure to be "propaganda." That led to a flurry of frightening phone calls and Internet comments directed at CHSTV, Posard said.

Posard said she hadn't realized that vaccines were such a controversial subject. She and CHSTV teacher Douglas Green wanted to shut down production, she added. But the students, angered by what they saw as bullying, insisted on completing the film. -LA Times

The film Invisible Threat is now available for public viewing here. Perhaps the attempt to bully these students into silence will result in an increased number of viewers.


Burzynski , charged by the Texas medical board.

Dr Stanislaw Burzynski is a scammer operating out of Texas, United States who sell bogus cancer cures to the desperate and vulnerable. I first found out about Burzynski when he used hired thugs to try and intimidate a 17 year old Skeptical blogger back in 2011. Rhys Morgan was contacted by a person called Marc Stephens;

A few weeks ago, Rhys received an email from a Marc Stephens who stated that his post and tweets were “in violation of several state and federal laws.” and that he “immediately cease and desist in your actions defaming and libeling my clients.”

The letter gave Rhys a bit of a lecture of US law on libel seemingly unaware that they were talking to a 16 year old school boy who was not resident in the United States. The letter ended with the threat, “ I suggest you remove ALL references about my client on the internet in its entirety, and any other defamatory statement about my client immediately, or I will file suit against you.”


Ever since this incident I have kept an eye out for this particular scammer so it is a great releif to finally see him charged by the medical authorities.

Fans of Houston doctor Stanislaw Burzynski love him for defying the medical establishment and offering alternative therapies to terminally ill patients.

The latest charges against Burzynski by the Texas Medical Board, which has tried and failed to take away his license for more than two decades, paint a very different picture.

Burzynski has long lured patients from around the world to his Texas clinic by promoting his unapproved drugs as safe, effective and available from nobody else. Yet Burzynski knew that most patients were ineligible for the experimental therapy, according to a 200-page complaint that describes problems with the care of 29 patients. -USA Today

Burzynski has escaped justice for far too long. May we finally get rid of this repugnant fraud.

The official complaint can be downloaded here.


Dangerous health menace still finding footholds.

The Australian Vaccination Network is still weaseling its way into the public health system despite being the subject of a public health warning and numerous governement investigations. This time they have managed to be referenced in an information sheet for Expectant Mothers. The this rabid anti-vaccination organisation could then use their fear mongering tactics to frighten new mother out of vaccinating their children. 

Lucy Fisher, who is pregnant with her second child, told the Gold Coast Bulletin, was given a leaflet by midwives that listed the Australian Vaccination-Sceptics Network (AVN) as the only source of information on vaccines.
AVN has repeatedly fallen foul of NSW authorities, including Fair Trading, for its anti-vaccination stance and was forced to change its name to better reflect its views, as well as losing its charitable status.

Lucy Fisher, who is pregnant with her second child, told the Gold Coast Bulletin, was given a leaflet by midwives that listed the Australian Vaccination-Sceptics Network (AVN) as the only source of information on vaccines.

AVN has repeatedly fallen foul of NSW authorities, including Fair Trading, for its anti-vaccination stance and was forced to change its name to better reflect its views, as well as losing its charitable status. -Business Insider

The AVN celebrated it's deception on Facebook:

It's unacceptable that any health provider could ever refer patients to a group that activley opposes medical care.


Healthy Lifestyle Expo admits to scamming the media.

Note: I had delayed posting this for legal reasons, so it's old news now.

Last month Wayne Pina-Roozemond an organiser of the Healthy Lifestyle Expo went on national television and publicly accused his critics of sending death threats to the expo because it had chosen to host Meryl Dorey of the Australian Vaccination Network as one of its speakers.

However like all liars these people are easily caught and have publicly confess to having lied to the media.

Facebook maintains a history of everything you have ever typed into it. (Including text that you delete before hitting "Post".)

Claiming that you're being threatened is a common tactic employed by miscreants to garner media attention. I just wish the media would wake up to the fact that these people have an infinite capacity to lie.


Meryl Dorey and the festival of shams.

Meryl Dorey of the heavily discredited Australian Vaccination Skeptics Network will be speaking at the upcoming Healthy Lifestyle Expo in Queensland despite objections from local health authorities. Despite being fully aware that Ms Dorey will disseminate false and misleading medical advice, the event organiser is pushing ahead.

THE state’s top health experts have called for the Australian Vaccination Skeptics Network to be barred from disseminating information at the Healthy Lifestyle Expo, arguing their views were dangerous and inaccurate.


AMA Queensland president-elect Shaun Rudd said the group should not present information at the Healthy Lifestyle Expo, as their views were “far from healthy’’.

“Anti-vaccination has nothing to do with a healthy lifestyle,’’ Dr Rudd said. “It promotes the chance of kids getting a serious illness or death.’’

The state’s Chief Health Officer, Jeannette Young, said she supported moves to limit the ability of the group to communicate inaccurate information about immunisation.

Expo organiser Wayne Pina-Roozemond said while Ms Dorey’s views were possibly dangerous, he defended the group’s right to put their view at the expo. -The Courier Mail, 13th May 2014

Meryl Dorey has put out a call for someone to debate her at the expo, her request was answered by Peter Bowditch.

The anti-vaxxers became ecstatic about the offer and before Peter even had time to repond to the offer in full Meryl Dorey went on the attack, because that's how anti-vaxxers make friends. Ms Dorey was upset the Peter still hadn't responded to his formal invitation from the expo organisers after a week, despite the fact that he was still well before the deadline for a required response.

She even paid Facebook to advertise a defamatory article she wrote about him.

Peter Bowditch did eventually decline to attend the debate which I think is a good move considering the amount of venom spitting from Dorey and her fellow anti-vaxxers. The Australian Vaccination Skeptics Network formerly known as the Australian Vaccination Network has a long history of harassing and threatening people who oppose their views.

Reasonable Hank has documented a few such incidents: Death threats and threats of harm incited by the Australian Vaccination Network

I have personally received an email from one of Meryl Doreys friends in the US. Which asked for the following:

Below are additional sets of questions I have about you, and your activities in the SAVN.

In addition to my first set, comprised of the following: 

(1)   “a current photo of yourself, your home address, your work address, your employer’s name, your immediate supervisor at work’s name,” I would like a photo of each of your vehicles, including the license plate numbers and a brief description of where you park them both at home and at work.

(2)   I want to know who paid your legal fees regarding the AVO.

(3)   I want to know where, and when, specifically, SAVN meetings are held, who usually attends them (specific names). 

(4)   I want to know who funds the SAVN.

(5)   I want to know how many members of the SAVN control group are male homosexual?  What are their average ages?  How many are AIDS infected?

(6)   I want to know about your general plan for the SAVN’s attack on Meryl Dorey and the AVN.  Are you planning more threats of death, violence, rape, mutilation?

(7)   What did you mean when you used the word “clients” in a recent message on the discussion group.

I’ll be back with more.

This email came from a man who has publicly advocated attacking Ms Doreys critics with baseball bats and assault rifles.

So given the current and past hostility aimed at critics I think its wise that Peter not walk into a venue full of Dorey supporters.